February 6, 2019



Improving the entire employee lifecycle from acquisition, performance to retention with predictive analytics


 Talent Acquisition

Who? HRPI builds smarter profiles and allows the company to “own” the profile rather than the individual within the company.  Additionally, the data profile creates a smarter hiring algorithm than the traditional personality contest or hiring manager bias.


Talent Development

Who? Imagine your HR executive dashboard showing you an optimized people strategy.  HRPI can show you how to play chess with the right players in your organization.  Creating recommendations for the best use of your talent based leveraging data only. 



Want to continue combatting the rising costs?  Predictive analytics tells you the emerging trends within your employee base and allows you to retool your benefits offering to both eliminate underutilized aspects and shift more rapidly to the right package.



The cost of turnover is well quantified in most organizations but the reality is the rates keep climbing.  HRPI utilizes direct and indirect data sets to tell you who your “at risk” employees are within your organization.