If personality is the key to a great hire, then how do you find it?

StaffSource walks companies through hire after hire where, especially in the less technical roles, a personality fit is such a common criteria, however I would say its cliché.  So many hiring contacts name that aspect at the top of the list for certain roles.  But, here is the catch, what does personality mean and do Read more about If personality is the key to a great hire, then how do you find it?[…]

Personality Assessments

Earlier this week, I received the most rewarding phone call from a client!  It was a simple “thank you” for the work done by one of our Senior Business Consultants regarding helping this client identify better prospects for his department.  Recently, StaffSource developed its own fully digitized personality assessment in order to efficiently make better Read more about Personality Assessments[…]

New Employee Spotlight: Jay Hageman

  Six time Inc. Award Winner StaffSource is excited to announce its newest addition to the team! Jay Hageman recently joined our organization as Director of IT and Engineering. He will be covering our East Tennessee Market, including Knoxville, Chattanooga, and the Tri-Cities. Prior to coming to StaffSource, Jay spent a highly successful 6 years at Read more about New Employee Spotlight: Jay Hageman[…]

The Importance of Critical Thinking

After talking with Executive level business leaders about people strategies over the last 15 years, the challenge of finding qualified talent is more difficult than ever. In an article a few days ago, I discussed the insights that these leaders have taught me about recruiting individuals with strong decision making and critical thinking skills. So, why is Read more about The Importance of Critical Thinking[…]

New Employee Spotlight: Colin Fish

Six time Inc Award Winner StaffSource is excited to announce its newest addition to the team! Colin Fish, a veteran of our US Military, recently joined the organization as Market Director of Philadelphia.  Colin, a former member of the US Air Force, brings a wealth of experience to StaffSource combined with his excellent leadership skills.  Read more about New Employee Spotlight: Colin Fish[…]

Philadelphia Office Opening

StaffSource expands its office location to Philadelphia, PA.  With our quickly growing client base, StaffSource has opened a new location in downtown Philly at One Liberty Place on Market Street.  Due to demand for our services up the East Coast, StaffSource CEO, John Sharpe, has selected Philadelphia as the company’s next physical location.  “Our organization Read more about Philadelphia Office Opening[…]

Interviewing: It’s not just about personality!

After watching thousands of hiring selections over the years, smart organizations have a clear system. First, they utilize a resource or multiple resources to develop a small pool of applicants technically capable of successful execution. For many companies this is where the process ends, but not for the brilliant managers that understand top talent. Top people managers evaluate Read more about Interviewing: It’s not just about personality![…]

Latest Hiring Technology

Hiring is complicated, but we’re here to help. Find the right candidate by taking advantage of our complementary candidate Persona Matching and Technical Evaluations!   Persona Matching Do you care about the persona traits of a potential employee? In a data driven world, a personality analysis gives you an additional data point in the interview Read more about Latest Hiring Technology[…]