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Hiring is complicated, but we’re here to help.

Find the right candidate by taking advantage of our complementary candidate Persona Matching and Technical Evaluations!


Persona Matching

Do you care about the persona traits of a potential employee?
In a data driven world, a personality analysis gives you an additional data point in the interview evaluation process. Considering key characteristics within your candidate’s personality is essential when matching them to the role and company culture.
StaffSource Technology offers free personality evaluations for each candidate you interview.


Technical Evaluations

Hiring managers often encounter challenges from recent hires due to employees being unable to execute the technical requirements of the position.

The reality is, there is no fool proof plan of evaluation to ensure a candidate can execute at a certain technical level.

Technical testing, offered free by StaffSource Technology, improves the probability of hiring the right fit.

Allow StaffSource Technology to re-frame your technical needs by compiling a series of questions to effectively evaluate a potential employee.
You can click here to inquire about Persona Matching or Technical Testing for your organization.

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