September 30, 2016

HRO Outsourcing

What is HRO

Human Capital Planning is a continual process used to align the needs and priorities of the organization with those of its workforce to ensure it can meet its service requirements and organizational objectives.  It is a process used to generate business intelligence to inform the organization of the current, transition and future impact of the external and internal environment on the organization enabling it to be resilient to market changes to better position itself for the future.

StaffSource has developed human capital solutions that can help your business stay ahead of market trends & workforce demands.  Partnering with StaffSource to create a Human Capital Plan will improve workforce productivity and help facilitate second stage business growth.  Our business solutions will enable you to execute a more strategic approach to workforce planning and recruitment.

Our Objective:

    • Improve current human capital planning process
    • Improve human capital management
    • Outsource recruitment process

For more information please call, 800-851-7687 and mention our HRO program.

We look forward to working with you and helping your business succeed!