Personality Assessments

Earlier this week, I received the most rewarding phone call from a client!  It was a simple “thank you” for the work done by one of our Senior Business Consultants regarding helping this client identify better prospects for his department.  Recently, StaffSource developed its own fully digitized personality assessment in order to efficiently make better matches for our clients.  Our proprietary personality system has been guided by thousands of placements and it absolutely improved the candidate selection process for this department.  First of all, let me say that the roles being filled were roles that required a significant amount of interpersonal interaction thus increasing the need for understanding a prospect’s personality profile.  StaffSource utilizes its system in developing a clear profile for your role much beyond a simple resume evaluation to drive a more comprehensive matching system for you.  Let us do the work and you run your department.  Our Senior Business Consultants are experts in the hiring process, let us show you how.

One other thing!  Our prospective job seekers love our advanced matching criteria because our candidates KNOW they get matched to jobs where he/she can be most successful.

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