If personality is the key to a great hire, then how do you find it?

StaffSource walks companies through hire after hire where, especially in the less technical roles, a personality fit is such a common criteria, however I would say its cliché.  So many hiring contacts name that aspect at the top of the list for certain roles.  But, here is the catch, what does personality mean and do you have a strategy for dissecting it to make a decision?

A good personality, well that can vary widely.  Do you need someone who is agreeable or someone with more initiative?  My point is, fine-tune the specifics of the type of person or personality you’re looking for and stop trying to decode a resume for cues!  Just ask.  A simple but effective personality evaluation system will be the key to hiring more efficiently.  At StaffSource, we are collecting insights on which roles need what aspects in personality.  Our assessments dissect those personalities, thus improving our ability to project behavior as it relates to the interpersonal tasks our team members will be asked to execute.  In summary, strategically assess the personality skills required and hire the best fit!  The resume is not altogether useless in this process but not a point of emphasis either.


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