September 13, 2017

Data and Artificial Intelligence

StaffSource has experience staffing a variety of positions within the data field. We offer direct hires, professionals looking for contract-to-hire opportunities, and even consultants on specific projects. Our areas of expertise include data migration, business intelligence, data visualization, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Step 1:

COMPANY SCORECARD- The scorecard consists of an onsite interview led by our lead consultant to gauge preliminary readiness of a potential client.  During this engagement we will uncover our client’s strategic goals and current technology layout and structure.

Step 2:

STRATEGIC ROADMAP – Should your company be equipped and ready to begin a project, an in depth discovery period will be initiated to dive deep into the precise structure of your data, source all relative data sets and current methodologies and source 3rd party data sets that will assist in the initial programming of an eventual engine. At the end of this engagement, you will be provided a clear Statement of Work with a timeline and cost structure for future engagement.

Step 3:

INTEGRATE – We will begin the project immediately, with minimal disruption to your daily tasks. If a custom UI build is recommended and requested, estimated costs will be provided during the Strategic Roadmap and development and deployment will start immediately.

Step 4:

MEASURE RESULTS and SUPPORT – We are not in the business of selling and walking.  We want to prove how our engine is driving results and prove ROI.  And should anything go wrong, we will fix it.




Our lead consultant has a diverse background in data and artificial intelligence. He has been the head of Machine Learning for a government agency and has over a decade of experience working with data in various aspects. Recently he finished a Big Data project for multi-billion international company. He has also built, developed and integrated Artificial Intelligence from the ground up.


Open Data Positions

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