September 30, 2016

Placement Services

StaffSource provides many different opportunities for our clients.

We offer staffing and recruiting services for a contract, contract to hire and direct hire.


What is Contract?

  • A contract employee, also known as a temporary employee, is a candidate that is employed by StaffSource LLC and is “leased” out to your company for a determined amount of time for a project, help during heavy workload times, coverage during leave of absence, seasonal schedules, etc.
  • This type of placement should happen fairly quickly. As mentioned before, StaffSource LLC has a talent pool with many qualified, readily available candidates ready for their next career opportunity. As a staffing firm we are involved in every aspect of the candidate’s assignment, including recruiting, pay rolling, benefits, PTO/holiday, etc.
  • This is a great option for both the employers and job seekers, as it helps candidates build their resume and skills and releases stress from time crunch or projects to the employers.

What is Contract To Hire?

  • A contract to hire employee is a contract employee that has the opportunity to be hired on full time by the employer after a given amount of time. This scenario is best explained as “try before you buy,” where both employers and candidates are able to asses each other.
  • This type of placement should happen fairly quickly, just as with contract placement. As a staffing firm we are involved in every aspect of the assignment including recruiting, pay rolling, benefits, PTO/holiday, but once an offer for a permanent placement is accepted, the candidate will transition from our payroll to the employer’s payroll.
  • This is a great way for employers to assess the candidate’s skills, experience, learning capabilities and culture fit, the same goes for the candidate.

What is a Direct Hire?

  • A direct hire, also known as a permanent placement, is when you are wanting to hire a candidate onto your payroll directly, for a full time and long term need with your company.
  • This type of placement will take a bit longer than the others, mainly because the employer is more involved in the interviewing process.
  • This is a great option for the candidate as it helps them find a great long term fit for their evolving career with health, retirement, PTO benefits, etc., provided by the employer. The employer on the other hand, gains an employee that is in search for a long-term asset to the company.